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PowerPoints from 11/19/02 seminar)

A.  How to Request Information From Federal Sources

 " national
portal that allows users to submit FOIA requests to any of the 116 agencies covered by the transparency law on a single, cloud-based site."

      1.  Freedom of Information Act Requests (5 U.S.C. 552)
           and references:
DOJ: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
                                         and NLRB's
FOIA MANUAL and guides for use
Public Citizen - FOIA cases
Student Press Law Center - FOIA letter generator
           b.  comments and types of records to request,
Society of Professional Journalists
How to use the Federal FOI Act            
Government Documents Primary Sources - with links to state FOIA/public record access laws
FOIA Fees and FOIA fee waivers
      2.  Bankruptcy Court
PACER - Public Access to Court Electronic Records - log-in (paid access) to federal district and bankruptcy courts
b.  Public Access to Court Electronic Records (individual bankruptcy court links on right side: PACER/ECF/RACER)

B.  City and State Sources
      1.  Department of Motor Vehicles -
California - all 50 states DMV's
      2.  Secretary of State
California - general, or Business Search - Business Entities California businesses
           b.  click on
State Flags for Secretary of State sites in the United States

C.  Directories and Phone Books

D.  Other Public Records - all 50 states

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This Web page prepared for an 11/19/02 seminar (updated 3/13/2018):
"Document Production and Organization for Litigation Paralegals in California"
Presenters were:
Marc V. Lewis, now a paralegal with O'Melveny & Myers
and Sara M. Taylor, admitted to the California Bar on July 19, 2004 and the Washington Bar on Sept. 11, 2008


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PowerPoints from 11/19/02 seminar)

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