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Acrobat family or Adobe product tryouts  ["go" or scroll down to "create Adobe PDF online"]
PDF Download — Free Tools to Create, Control and Convert Web-Based PDF Files
Tracker Software Products :: PDF-XChange Editor 
Foxit Software - Foxit Reader for Windows 

Address Envelopes in PDF for Printing

Discovery utility: page numbers in PDF files [] (Windows only)

Free online OCR

Code Obfuscation for Patent and Court Filings Acrobat for Legal Professionals
PDF Creation and Font Embedding for USPTO Submissions Acrobat for Legal Professionals
PDF Watermark Creator (PDF Stamp Generator)
Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs
PDF Bundle - Attach any file to your existing PDF file
Free PDF Converter - create high-quality PDF from any printable file type
Online PDF Converter & Document Creator 
Acrobat for Legal Professionals
(including "Add or Edit Text Box" instead of "Typewriter":
Commenting and Annotations and Stamps Acrobat for Legal Professionals)
Extracting Non-sequential Pages from PDFs Acrobat for Legal Professionals
Ride The Lightning: Adobe's Advice on Purging PDF Documents of Metadata
Ensuring that Word TOCs create Hyperlinks in Acrobat Acrobat for Legal Professionals

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