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Various non-United States trademark offices:

USPTO non-US IP links and WIPO IP office links and Andean Community -CAN and EUIPO - Links


Andorra [minimal "free" info; $$ registration req'd for details]


Azerbaijan E-PATENT SERVICE  [search by mark] or E-PATENT SERVICE  [search by registration number]

Australia ATMOSS - Australian Trade Mark Online Search System

Austria Startpage   [registrations with effect in Austria ("UM"= European Union) and WIPO); "OEPA"=Austria national]

Benelux Office for Intellectual Property - BOIP

Bolivia .:: Servicio Nacional de Propiedad Intelectual ::.  [monthly .pdf gazette copies; direct search by mark/number discontinued]

Brazil INPI  [click "Continuar" to search by number, mark, and/or applicant/registrant:
Base Marcas | Pesquisa Básica | Marca | Titular | ]

Bulgaria (Patent Office of Republic of Bulgaria)

Canada CIPO - Canadian Trade-marks Database

Chile Consulta de Marca

China: general links [N.B.: may need to disconnect VPN use for access to succeed]
= search by registration or application number [STMAS]
2) OR 
= search by mark (in English or Chinese) [SISTM]
3) OR
= search by applicant name [SGTMI]

Colombia Office Superintendent of Industry and Trade

Community Trade Mark/EU EUIPO-ONLINE - CTM-ONLINE - Trade mark consultation service - Basic

Czech Republic Industrial Property Office | National database

Finland PRH -- National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland

France Icimarques [OR, select "office/FR" at]

GermanyRegisterauskunft des Deutschen Patent- und Markenamtes (DPMA)

Intellectual Property Database for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao  [scroll down to "Trademark Search" line]

Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department [in May 2018, informational only]

Hungarian Intellectual Property Office 

Icelandic Patent Office:  trademark search

India: search

1) select "office/ID" at
2) Indonesia Trademarks Data On-line Facility [change search box type on right-hand side from "Paten" to "Merek"; hit small arrow by Pencarian Terstruktur Merek to open menu, and change:

  • "Nama Merek" to brand name to search, 
  • or "Nomor Permohonan" to application number,
  • or "Nomor Pendaftaran" to registration number
  • or "Nama Pemilik Merek" to trademark owner name

Ireland Irish Patents Office - Home [for trademarks search]

Israel Israel Patent Office - Trademarks

Italy UIBM [for range of search parameters, choose "combinazione di criteri" from top left "menu" link]

Japan Industrial Property Office

Korea KIPRIS(Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service) - Trademarks: Trademark < SEARCH - KIPRIS

Lithuania The State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania -Trademarks of Lithuania

Macau DSE

Malaysia IP Online Portal

Mexico IMPI::SIGA - Búsquedas::

former Netherlands Antilles protection:
   Bureau for Intellectual Property Sint Maarten 
   Bureau of Intellectual Property Aruba     
Bureau of Intellectual Property Curaçao   
   Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba (Caribbean Netherlands search)

New Zealand New Zealand Intellectual Property Office

Norway Patentstyret

Peru Portal INDECOPI  [click at right on "Búsqueda Avanzada" (Advanced Search)]

Philippines Trademark Search [select "office/PH"]

Poland [choose "TMV - Trade marks (national)" to bring up tm searches]


Romania State Office for Institutions and Bonds - National Trade Marks

Russia [some ROSPATENT information available through TMView - choose "office/RU"] (see also here)

Singapore IPOS - Trademark Search

South Africa Dept. of Trade and Industry

Spain (Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas)

Swedish Trademark Database

Switzerland Swissreg - Institute for Intellectual Property

Taiwan Intellectual Property Office - Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C.

Turkish Patent Online Documentation System (ÇES) [Turkey-specific identification required for access at May 2018]

United Kingdom

Venezuela: WEBPI - Sistema En Línea de Propiedad Intelectual Caracas (free registration required)

Vietnam: Trademark query creation screen

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