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UNITED STATES telephone numbers:
Area Codes - locator & complete guide for US/Canada
The Ultimates- for white/Yellow Pages; reverse addresses, phone numbers; e-mail addresses
PeopleSearch Reverse (Phone number) - Powered by
Phone Number Search Engines
Spokeo People Search | White Pages | Find People

Connecting with a person to fix a support problem:
gethuman 500 database

reverse number lookup:
Using Google <>, simply type in the 10 digit phone number,
and the search result will provide you with the name and address of the associated individual or organization
Reverse Phone Directory

International calling codes:
International Calling Codes , International Dialing Codes , World Telephone Numbering Guide
What time is it where I want to call?:
The World Clock (custom version)

INTERNATIONAL directories:
International Dialing/Area codes calculator
Phone directories for 184+ countries: Infobel World - Telephone Directories


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